There is more Happiness in Receiving than Giving – The Leo’s Motto

The Leos who are in your circle love to receive gifts. They love all the little details while the gifting process takes place. The presentation needs to be elaborate of course. If you plan to propose to a Leo, make sure the restaurant is crowded enough or if you are in a stadium, you both should appear on the big screen! Leos need all the attention and a little more to make them happy and content!

Leo Zodiac Signs, Date and More
Symbol The Lion
Date Range 23 July – 22 August
Element Fire
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
Lucky Color Yellow, Golden, Orange
Unlucky Stones Blue Sapphire
Ruling Planet Sun
Lucky Numbers 1, 5, 9
Hindi Name सिंह

Leos love to relax and relish in a comfortable place. They love the bright colors which reflects their gusto for life. They love anything which has to do with fine art and jewelry. They are one of the most dramatic and love to have many followers. They give a lot of importance to their appearance as they want to create an impression wherever they are.

Bling – that’s the word for Leos. They love jewelry especially when it is flashy and it is made of gold. The element of Leo is fire, so gemstones like topaz, diamond and ruby should be considered. Add more value by getting their name engraved in it.

Here Are a Few Suggestions that You Can Tailor As Per The Leo in Your Life.

  • Glitzy clothing that will get them a lot of attention is always welcome. Keep in mind about the vibrant hot colors like orange, red and gold. Make sure that they shine in those clothes. You can get them anything from a neck scarf to an evening wear. Only make sure that it is sexy and dramatic.
  • You can even add to the drama by getting them tickets to their favorite entertainment program. A wild lingerie can also play in the dramatic nature. A lovely movie in the evening may be a great hit too.
  • You can also opt to buy some grooming accessories like a hair straightener, hair curler, grooming kit, manicure and pedicure kit, a gift voucher for a luxurious spa or massage, etc. will surely please them impressively. They love to receive all the pampering and care!
  • Another gift that can appeal to a Leo is fine foods. Think about gourmet chocolates, a bottle of champagne, gourmet cheese, French wine or even a box of authentic traditional Arabic sweets. You could even think about ordering lobsters that will arrive right in time for a celebration. Leos appreciate when they get the best! This does not necessarily mean it should be expensive. It might also be their favored comic book, a dog accessory for their lovable pet or even their favorite beer.
  • If everything fails, consider music. Tickets to their favorite concert or band will make their day special. If you could accompany them for it, they will surely feel elated.

You can gift anything to a Leo, just make the presentation exceptional. They love the splendor and situation along with the gift. Leos don’t prefer subtle!