How To Prepare Delicious Christmas Cake?

Christmas is an auspicious annual festival which is observed on December 25th commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. While Christmas is just around the corner, it is time to celebrate this festival with rich and moist Christmas cake. Those who intend to send cake to Bangalore may go through the below step-by-step instructions to bake a Christmas cake.

We shall now look at how to prepare this festive fruit cake ahead of this wonderful Christmas holidays

Primary Ingredients Required:-

  • 4 tbsp of alcohol
  • 1kg of mixed dried fruit
  • 250g of softened butter
  • 200g of soft brown sugar

Additional Ingredients if Required:-

  • Pinch of salt
  • 300g of raisins
  • 250g of sultanas
  • Four medium eggs
  • 6oz of soft-dark brown sugar
  • Half gram of orange zest

Method: 1

  1. Place 1kg of the mixed dried fruit, orange and lime juice. Set the flame to medium range; include 150ml brandy (alcohol) along with 250g softened butter and 200g of soft brown sugar over a large pan.
  2. Lower the simmer for the duration of about 5 mts when it reaches the boiling point. Allow it to cool for half-an-hour after transferring the fruit mixture to a large bowl.
  3. Adjust the oven to 150C. Using a double layered baking equipment, properly line the 20cm cake. Later, wrap the outside portions with a newspaper and tie it strongly.
  4. Mix 175kg of flour, 100g ground almonds, half tablespoon baking powder, one tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 100g flaked almonds, a quarter tablespoon of ground cloves, 4 large eggs along with one tablespoon of vanilla extract to the fruit mixture. Stir it well to ensure that there are traces of flour.
  5. Pour it into a tin and with the help of a spatula, level the top. Bake it for the duration of about 2 hours.
  6. Pull out the cake from the oven and with the help of a skewer, make few holes in it. Take two tablespoons of alcohol and allow the cake to cool while it is placed in a tin.
  7. Take off the baking equipment and wrap them well using a cling film to preserve it. Add one to two tablespoons of alcohol in the cake once in two weeks before icing it.
  8. Allow the outer surface of the cake to get dried up just before icing it.

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